Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Police Corruption Reaches New Level On The Big Island Of Hawaii

Police Corruption – I called for assistance after having my life threatened by decapitation. Police corruption continued as the 911 operator tried to suggest I was the criminal.

Hawaii Police Corruption
Hawaii Police Corruption

I paid 384,000 thousand for this house only to find the police here do not care if you get robbed or beaten.

After the criminal 911 Operator berated me she ask my name which at this point there was no reason to give.
She then committed several unconstitutional criminal acts denying my rights to feel safe.

Because of my position in control of the most powerful network in Hawaii;

"we will see just how much attention I can gravitate to the criminal activities of THE BIG ISLAND POLICE DEPARTMENT".

Being in control of the most powerful network in Hawaii is a lot of responsibility, I can and will reproduce and promote every negative article I can find about the CRIMINAL POLICE DEPARTMENT ON HAWAI`I Island.

Police Corruption On Big Island – Corrupt Or Criminal?

Pulled over for expired inspection sticker in an almost new car the Officer approached then asked for DL and Ins.

I had them in hand as expected he would want them, Kindly reached to pass them and he snatched them, put his hand on his gun and said “DON’T MOVE, IF YOU EVEN FLINCH I’LL SHOT YOU!” then stepped away.

I couldn’t even speak when he returned.

I still have nightmares where in, So Called Police Officers are killing my family…

If you do the above to someone It Is the epitome CRIMINAL POLICE

IE: Not a single Big Island police officer can tell you a constitutional right of the people they gave an oath to serve. That is Criminal…

I hope they retaliate so I can sue them in a case that will bankrupt Hawaii County.

We will see just how corrupt the Hawaii Island Police Department is?

The Island police department released its annual police misconduct report.

The report revealed Police Corruption with seven officers were accused of misconduct in one county in 2020. I is alleged that hundreds of criminal acts were committed by these officers during there tenure and these criminal acts went unreported by fellow officers. These Officers should have charged with aiding and abetting felonious acts against the PEOPLE OF HAWAII.

A Corrupt JUDGE is Necessary for these Criminal Acts to take place.

Among the Police Corruption offenses, an officer made unwanted physical contact with an underage girl. That same officer also used his personal vehicle to transport female juveniles while on duty.

That Officer After Years of Complaints is NO LONGER with the Police Department.

Another officer was discharged after being arrested for a domestic dispute with his spouse that got physical, in which he also pushed a 5-year-old child.

Every year, police departments in all four counties have to give state lawmakers a list of disciplinary actions most of them are covered up.

Several officers accused of drug trafficking – Swept under the Hilo Rug to provide false record of POLICE crime rate on The Big Island Of Hawaii..

We are still waiting for the reports from the Honolulu, Kauai and Maui counties. To mitigate these atrocities your Hawaii Government will withhold these documents until a deflection campaign is in place to soften the atrocities committed by Hawaii Police Officers.

This Is Your Tax Dollars Exploited to Work Against Your Constitutional Rights.

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